v1.12 #MirrorKeys (Lefthand Keyboard)

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v1.12 -- Turn the World Upside Down

This update will introduce a new MirrorKeys feature that allows to completely flip the playing upside down (so high notes to the left and vice versa with the low ones) … this feels incredible inspiring to use and I am really thrilled to share this with all of you finally. You can think of it in terms of a lefthand-keyboard, which can be assigned to AutoTonic's true 'modal' mapping.

New Shortcuts, Bugfixes and again UI changes

.) ALT+Return = Reset Database
.) ALT+Backspace = Reset Setup
.) Key C = Send out PANIC
.) PANIC is now improved, by sending all appropriate 'All Notes Off', 'All Sound Off' and 'Reset All Controllers' commands, by default on Channel#1-16. And if PANIC is clicked with ALT pressed it will only send out to the current Output-Channel (=Output Scrollwheel)
.) @UI: Don't know why, but I had to take a step back to the initial appearance (stronger color scheme again).

Enhanced Signal Path

I am working on the code now all by myself finally and things just take sometimes longer than expected, as everything also got even more complex with every new change. But I've changed the main logic for the signal routing and now you will only see the according channel#1-16 signals when the ScrollWheels are set equally. This not only avoids any potential note hanging with interferring MIDI channels, but also brings wonderful new techniques to life.

Thank you all and happy MODAL transposing,
Clemens from AutoTonic, Vienna

Contact me (Support): support@autotonic.net

All other inquiries: office@autotonic.net

v1.11 #PivotKeySwitching

What's New in AutoTonic v1.11

AutoTonic Update v1.11 introduces a new "Pivot Modulation" feature, which allows now to assign "PivotSets" (Hey, think of them as "hot keys") for instant modulation during your input playing -- you can now create harmonic changings of the most complex nature without the need of any additional gestures.


Sounds complex? It really isn't, simply hold down the ALT key to enter "PivotLearn" mode and while keep pressing you can now select by mouse (or midi input) any custom white key or combination of white keys that should become the newly assigned toggle switches for your current selected Header. A red overlay will indicate the assignments. Once you exit this learn mode AutoTonic will automatically trigger that exact black key's Header always when you come across these learned white keys.

BEST UPDATE since its launch

You can assign for every existing Header *any combination* of white keys to set up your custom tonal modulations and additionally it is also highly suggested to make use of the previously added "Delay" feature to compensate for any computing latency upfront to the actual key switching and therefore enable instant chord modulations ... so newly played chords can already appear transposed, instantly on first triggering (very creative to use!).

AutoTonic v1.11 -- Download Now

Existing users can get the update through their latest download link. This update is free of charge for all current users. The latest installer can simply be run over your current installation to perform the update, your scales database will be kept.

Still have difficulties to understand anything? Just send me an email with your question and I will give my best to quickly reply and clarify. Also, for future updates, tutorials, FAQ's, tech videos, etc, subscribe to AutoTonic's YouTube channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPxKErrsBtOtyYPBkDNKYQ

AutoTonic Modal MIDI Transposer Update v1.11 Transposing Transposition Plugin

PS: You can also always find the latest user manual here (haven't had found yet to update it with the latest v1.11 changes though): AutoTonic_Manual.pdf

PPS:If you're interested in insights how I sketched out my initial idea about the new pivot key switching feature click this link (PDF with basic concept for overall explanation to coder):
AutoTonic Pivot Feature Schematics